I create symbolic and abstracted paintings that explore my past and present relationships, experiences, and emotions.

I begin with a lyrically expressive line drawing, a thin color wash, or by free- journaling raw feelings directly onto the substrate. I paint, write, scrape off, re-paint, cover up, expose, sand off, and add texture in layers.

As I work, my painting becomes a chronological story I tell to myself – sometimes with urgency, other times meditatively. I relive and process, celebrate and honor, purge and heal — and I struggle. I am torn, conflicted by a juxtaposition of working to openly share my truths while, at the same time, every survival instinct in my body is screaming to keep them hidden.

With each painting, I limit my palette as a personal challenge to use color symbolically. I purposefully abstract certain figurative subjects to represent them as raw and exposed — with no façade to hide behind.

I am exploring cultures, exorcising voices from my childhood, normalizing internalized rage and anxiety, expressing unbearable joy, fragile vulnerability, and crippling depression, and simply seeking to understand my experiences as a woman.